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Bexs Multimoedas

Perfect for you who want tranquility and practicality in their overseas trips!

The Bexs Multimoedas is a prepaid card, rechargeable, password protected, and providing, in a practical and safe way, foreign currency values for your international travel.

Available in up to six currencies: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar on the same card. With VISA, the Bexs Multimoedas card is essential for business travelers, leisure or exchange.

You can use Bexs Multimoedas card in more than 2 million establishments, with chip and more than 10 million automated teller machines (ATMs) to carry out withdrawals insured the PLUS network.

In case of loss or theft, do not worry! Call the call center to make the card lock and request the issuance of a new one. When return trip, if your card is still with balance, you can: save for a new journey, use in Brazil or even redeem the balance at the place where the card was purchased.

Advantages by purchasing the Bexs Multimoedas card:
  • Purchases and withdrawals are made in local currency of the country where you are;
  • Call Center Bearer 24 hours, 7 days a week;
  • Control in the Internet;
  • With the card prepaid, you will not be exposed if the price of foreign currency rise.

The card can be used in some countries only and exclusively by signature on proof of purchase, without the need for password entry;

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