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Commercial Export & Financial Exchange

The Bexs offers safely and quickly to send money anywhere in the world through our network of international correspondent banks. This service is ideal for who need receive or send money orders in abroad.

The Bexs have trained personnel to guide and answer questions from our customers.

Sending and receiving values for those who already have a bank account abroad. With personalized service and all the accessories in foreign exchange transactions.

Examples of foreign payments :

  • Import;
  • Export;
  • International Capital;
  • Courses Abroad;
  • Family living abroad;
  • Receipt of family resources domiciled abroad;
  • Payments to tour operators;
  • Reservation of hotels;
  • Receipt / payment of international freight;
  • Enrollment at conferences and trade shows;
  • Donations;
  • Pensions;
  • Royalties;
  • Others.

  • Reduced costs;
  • Personalized service, care according to the specific needs of each client;
  • Correct framework of operations, following the prevailing exchange legislation in Brazil.


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