We are a unique Brazilian Bank for all international transactions and the leader in digital solutions

We believe that global access to goods and services is everybody's right.

We enable foreign companies to explore the Brazilian market and, at the same time, we enable the best of Brazil to reach the world.

Why Bexs?

  • Authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil
  • Volume of US$ 7.5 billion in transactions
  • Pioneer in online sales solutions for e-commerces and SaaS businesses
  • 50% share of B2C cross-border e-commerce volume
  • Reliable and friendly API integrations
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Our team

Experts in Brazilian FX regulation, innovators in e-payments

Our team is composed not only by experienced professionals who have been working decades in the financial industry but also by versatile and innovative digital professionals.

Bexs Journey


We offer the best goods and services in the world for Brazilians, and the best Brazilian goods and services to the world.


  • Know-how
  • Efficiency
  • Empathy
  • Innovation Drive

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