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Attendance +55 11 2712.5300 - 11 3213.3892 – 11 3213.3894 | SAC BEXS: 0300 777 2397 | Ombudsman BEXS: call 0800 777 2397

Consulting and Advisory

Besides contracting the exchange, the Bexs Banco de Câmbio helps you during the foreign trade and foreign capital transactions. Here you can count on a team that specializes in foreign trade and exchange, becoming a benchmark in this segment.

Our team is able to conduct differentiated and innovative services and is fully capable of preparing technical opinions on specific foreign exchange transactions.

Main areas of performance:
  • Foreign Capital – Records of Financial Transactions (RDE-ROF) and Records of Direct Foreign Investments (RDE-IED)
  • Export and Import
  • Regulatory Agency – BACEN (Central Bank of Brazil)

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Innovation and full solutions in cross-border,
payments and forex for you and organizations.

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