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Bexs Multi-currency System

Thanks to our Corporate System, we can keep track and manage several Bexs Multicoin Cards belonging to clients from the same company, via internet. The amount may be charged to one main card and distributed in several cards according to the company’s convenience.

This system allows the follow-up of purchases made with the cards in up to six coins: American dollar, Euro, Sterling, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar.

Why use Bexs multi-currency System?
  • Administrative autonomy of balance and statements with easy management of remains of foreign exchange;
  • Consultation of card transactions, bringing ease-of-use in accountability and in expense follow up;
  • Cash planning and facility in cash advance for expenses such as: transportation, fuel, lodging or food;
  • Possibility to purchase foreign exchange with no urge, with better use of market fluctuations, resulting in greater tranquility to take unexpected trips;
  • Promptness to block and unblock cards.


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