There are 70 million Brazilian e-shoppers waiting for you

We can help your company to maximize its sales in Brazil with no need for a local entity. Bexs Bank offers all local payments and other cross-border products and solutions.

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Brazilian context

Mastering local payments and FX changes the game

Bexs Bank offers an end-to-end platform with friendly API integrations.

Collection of local currency combined with digital FX transactions opens a much broader addressable market.

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We are experts in digital solutions and FX custom services

We help companies from all around the world to simplify and maximize sales in Brazil. We are experts in accepting and digitalizing local payments and Brazilian FX regulation.

We collect your sales in Brazilian real and pay your company in its local currency.

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That is how Bexs Bank accelerates your business in Brazil

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We are ready to discuss opportunities. There are plenty of amazing business covering e-commerce and SaaS solutions that the Brazilian market is willing to welcome.

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