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Bexs Social

In 2016, Bexs group developed the Bexs Social, an initiative that brings for the everyday life of the institution attitudes and actions able to make the Bank even better. Developed by Human Resources and Marketing areas, able to understand the needs and create sustainable ways thinking about the future of the business. Based on this action, the purpose is to be a sustainable company in the environmental, social and economic aspects.

  • Environmental: To have attitudes that seems small, but can help reduction different environmental impacts;
  • Social:It undertakes to offer products, provide services and adopt differentiated attitudes. The company serves as an example to its employees and its Stakeholders in general, who are motivated to change their acts and be more conscious.
  • Economic:To be sustainable can also be quite profitable. Use natural resources correctly, or start using some materials again, can avoid waste as well.

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Send a message to: marketing@bexs.com.br
or talk to our Customer Service:+55 0300 777 2397

Meet the institutions that Bexs Group sponsors.


ASA – Associação Santo Agostinho is a civil society organization, which serves more than 1400 children, teenagers and elderly people in socially vulnerable situation in the city of São Paulo for more than 74 years


The “Rugby Cidadão” project is carried out since 2010 in partnership with the Municipal Department of Education of São Paulo – SME and uses resources from the Law of Incentives to Sports and Law of Incentives to Sports of São Paulo.

Hosp. do Câncer de Barretos

Hospital de Câncer de Barretos receives patients from all Brazilian states with 100% SUS [Unified Health System] service, qualified physicians, producing researches to increase the cure indexes and its physical and technological structure is inspired from the best oncological hospitals in the world.

Arte Despertar

Arte Despertar Association is a social non-profit organization founded in 1997, which operates in the health and the education area.

Lar da Bênção Divina

Lar da Bênção Divina is a non-governmental organization constituted in 1956, which provides services for support to needy communities around the Congonhas Airport in São Paulo.


Since 1967 he has had extensive experience in developing people from the first letters up to the job market.


The Rural Action Movement of the Pantaleão District, MARP, was founded on July 15, 1969 in Amparo, SP and active in the rural neighborhoods of Alferes Rodrigues, Brumado, Dobrada and Pantaleão.

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